Instruction in: Karate, Kobudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense! 

World  Karate  Kobudo  Jiu-Jitsu  Organization : WKKJO



“I encourage anyone and everyone in the arts to attend this seminar if at all possible. Simon is a top-of-the-line budoka, and teacher of teachers. He’s also excellent at kobudo. There will be a wealth of knowledge to be obtained.”

-Steve Blackburn – Laohu Kenpo / Okinawan Kenpo

“Kyoshi Sherbourne coached me on my traditional weapons and forms.  The next tournament season I went from being a good regional weapons competitor to being very competitive on the National and World Tours.  I had 29 first place finishes in 2012 and won Grands twice.  This year I am very competitive on the NASKA World Tour in the 50 Plus Black Belt divisions.  Kyoshi Sherbourne helped me clean up and refine a lot of details in my weapons and forms that pushed me to the next level."

- Shihan Mark Yates, Promar Karate

"Since I began training with Kyoshi Sherbourne, I have learned many new insights and directions to take with my martial arts training.  His knowledge of Karate, Kobudo and Jiu-Jitsu has allowed me to blend different aspects of martial arts resulting in more effective, more complete and more versatile self defense applications. In addition, his breadth of knowledge is indispensable when teaching Students and and he always has something new to teach each training session, keeping students interested."

- Shihan Andy Finley, Seiyo Shorin-Ryu

"Kyoshi Simon Sherbourne strives to keep Master Seikichi Odo’s Kobudo kata and techniques alive and untarnished in a modern martial world. Discipline, awareness, and understanding are key points to Sherbourne’s training. Clean lines, well thought out hand positions and no-nonsense technique are part of what makes Odo’s art and Simon’s teachings classic and sought after traditional Kobudo lineage.

Having trained directly under Master Odo, Kyoshi Sherbourne brings a level of understanding to the techniques that is harder and harder to find. Not often is it possible to train in such a short lineage to a martial art considered by many to be the best available. With a grounded and approachable teaching style, all manor of people find themselves comfortable learning from Kyoshi Sherbourne. From experienced budo-ka to people just starting on the path of Okinawan weapons, everyone will have fun and take something away from these lessons. With Kyoshi Sherbourne stepping up to the plate where no one else would, it’s my hope that this website and Simon’s love of the art, dedication to its history, coupled with his skills as an educator will increase exposure of this style for many years to come."
Sensei Kenneth Knight, Seiyo Shorin-Ryu