Instruction in: Karate, Kobudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense! 

World  Karate  Kobudo  Jiu-Jitsu  Organization : WKKJO



We have some VIPS teaching and attending on dates in 2019 (These are legitimate Master level practitioners/ Teachers in Martial Arts)!!!

Annual Summer WKKJO training will occur during two: two day clinics during July, 2019 as follows:

1 - July 20-21: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (July 20), and Helio Gracie Self Defenses++ (July 21)

2 - July 26-27: (Commemorating Dai-Sensei Odo's Birthday for)

                          Kobudo on the 26th, and Karate on July 27th

Please let us know if this of interest to you. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to authentic and real applications of martial arts. 

Best Regards, S. Sherbourne (Founder of the WKKJO)

The Honbu Dojo for the WKKJO is SMAA (click to view) in London, ON - with unbroken lineage to the origins of Karate, Kobudo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense...


1959 Mallard Road,

London, Ontario, Canada!!! 

Email - Simon Sherbourne  for details at: .

Outstanding Training and Instruction


The World Karate Kobudo Jiu-Jitsu Organization offers video training in Okinawa Kobudo and Karate.  The Ryu Kyu Kobudo/ Weapons Program and the  Ryu Kyu Karate Program have been designed to serve as a stand alone programs for Individuals, Martial Arts Instructors, and or Martial Arts Organizations seeking to enhance their martial arts programs by adopting top quality Kobudo/Weapons and Karate Programs through the WKKJO. The kata represented on the disclosed videos serve as a reference for those in the Global Martial Arts Community who desire to maintain the unchanged Kobudo and Karate Kata as they were taught by Seikichi Odo (1926-2002) to our Director - Simon Sherbourne (1967-).

These video tutorials have been designed by Simon Sherbourne (Director WKKJO, M.Ed., 7th Dan RHKKF, Senior Student of the late Seikichi Odo: July 26, 1926 – March 24, 2002). 

Mr. Sherbourne has been an international competitor since 1984 and continues to participate in demonstrations and host seminars annually. He teaches martial arts at Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy in a fantastic training facility in London, Ontario, Canada throughout the year and conducts seminars for interested parties. e-mail:
Visit the Hombu Dojo at:

The above pic was taken in 2004 after competing in Wrestling, BJJ, Karate, Kobudo and Pankration for the previous 20 years...

It is most important that each program is learned as distributed. Each is progressive in skill and knowledge.   Keep in mind that Kobudo is generally learned in tandem with Karate.   Therefore basic stances and posture are a pre-requisite for learning Kobudo (one should have a good grasp of these skills before starting Kobudo training).

It is also important that you understand how you are being evaluated so that you can set your goals accordingly. Director Sherbourne has put together a Set of Basics outlined on the Basics Check List that you are required to complete within ten minutes. Kyoshi demonstrates all of the basics on video for you in sequence. Basics are then contained in all sections up to the Black Belt requirements, and should be further developed over time.

Each of the evaluations will be based on the Basics Check List and the Kata Rubric (this will be emailed to you when you upload video of yourself for evaluation) which analyze each Kata. You will receive feedback after each evaluation which will determine if you progress to the next level, or required remediation. Successful practitioners will receive a Belt and Certificate in the mail.  Either way, you will be improving.  This is the key…

Yamato Dama Shii. Train with attention to detail and determination…

The Honbu Dojo of the WKKJO/ Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA offers classes in Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts in Karate, Kobudo, Jiu Jitsu and well as MMA.